Crazybus: Yerevan to Istanbul

Yerevan to Istanbul, 3-4th August, 2013 Where is she from?” the woman asks Hrach in Armenian. “She’s from England”, he tells her. Her eyes grow wide. “England, ooh!” I feel awkward. I look at my feet and let Hrach do the talking. We pay for my ticket, then sit around in the waiting room, feeling […]


  Since the first time I slept in the tent, I had a wrong idea of sleeping on the beach. I thought that every place like this is okay for that but of course it’s not that easy. Unfortunately, when we tried to get to the Sithonias peninsula, we got stuck very quickly during the night. Because of hot weather – something like forty degrees, we had to leave at 5 o’clock. Our unplanned stopover was in Nikiti – a touristic city where every beach is narrow and crowded. It would be difficult to sleep there and because of that, we had to try to find another place. And – yeeees, we’ve found another place. It was a totally dirty field, with very bad smell and a lot of creepy noises around us and moreover, it was a private place...

First Time at a Tea Plantation

We’ve seen small coffee farms, but no tea yet, and there are vast acres of the stuff in the Cameron Highlands. It’s the largest tea-growing region in Malaysia, and rivals the beauty of the Ifugao rice terraces. There’s another first in here, which you’ll find if you read on, but my mom would’ve hated it. Day Three in Malaysia Paige and I check out of our KL hostel around noon and walk over to Puduraya bus station. Before we even know which building is the station, we are attacked by workers hawking their respective bus companies’ services. There must be something about Kuala Lumpur that makes people judge you based on your chosen destination, because like the cab driver in the previous post, one hawker...

More snow, dancing, and hiking in Pennsylvania

Tracks left behind in ice-crusted snow near Shartlesville-Cross Mountain Road Another snowstorm kept me in place at my friend’s house in Phoenixville for much of Monday, February 3rd. While I was there I received a phone call from Frog Hollow with some unfortunate news. I had done something stupid, and not quite packed my laptop into my truck before departing Frog Hollow the previous morning. Jamey had found my laptop in the snow on the side of the driveway, sitting there after a full day and night and exposed to some wet weather. Once I heard this news I returned slowly down the snowy roads to Frog Hollow to retrieve my broken laptop. I hoped it would still be functional but it looked pretty questionable, with the right side of the case...

Always know where your towel is

Today´s Quotation is from Kat Richardson: Seawitch. …”One of the guiding principles of intergalactic hitchhiking is ‘Always know where your towel is.’” From Seawitch by Kat Richardson

Pre-trip Hitchhiking Kit List

My packing list approximation for “The Boudoir Pest’s” Charity Hitchhike from London to Budapest, I invite comments on any obvious overlooks or non-essentials. Equipment 1 Travel Bag 1 Sleeping Bag 1 Penknife 1 Corkscrew 1 Lighter 1 Phone Charger + Adapter 2 Sharpie Pen 1 Passport 1 Phone Euros - Water Bottle Masking Tape European Road Map 2013 Clothing 1 Waterproof Jacket 2 Jumper 3 Basic t-shirts 1 Scarf 1 Beanie 1 Trainers (do not own walking boots :/) 2 Trousers (none-jeans) 1 Belt 4 Underwear 4 Thick Socks Toiletries 1 Toothbrush 1 Toothpaste 1 Deodorant 1 Dry Shampoo 1 Wet Wipes Misc 1 Reading Book 2 Inhalers 1 Painkillers 1 Ukulele :)

Hitchhiking to Glenorchy!

March 27. It was my first time hitch hiking in New Zealand. Lae had done it previously with some other friends. This was going to be fun! :D We went to the roundabout for the road to Glenorchy. It was about 15 minutes before a Kiwi mother and her son picked us up. They said they had passed us, looked at each other, and turned around to pick us up. We had just looked so nice and smiley! The mother said that they only picked up hitchhikers every few weeks/days? Her young son quipped, “And then we eat them! :D” while doing evil fingers hahaha. I thought it was hilarious. They only took us as far as Moke Lake, which was a third of the way, and from there we had to hitch again. It was maybe another 20 minutes or so before we were...

Frost Valley #1: A Very Cool Pole Cat

The 3,000 acre private estate I was hired to help maintain for the summer of 1996 prided itself on being a fly fisherman’s retreat. Lovely Clear Creek flows through Frost Valley and there were several diversions from the stream into lovely little ponds that made perfect trout habitat. The matron on the estate had long since grown too old to entertain the guests from the city who once flocked to the Catskill Mountains to escape the heat, so by 1969 about the only regular fisherman to tromp around the ponds was a seventeen year old grandson. When we first observed him bedecked in gear and trotting to the ponds, pole held high, the caretaker snorted something on the order of, “Behold the mighty fly fisherman. Fully capable of...


HITCHER Finally, a Pontiac stops in front of the Gonzales exit sign and picks me up. And wait till he finds out who he picked up late at night… Gonzales is a cement factory, a water tower with a small cluster of houses. It is populated by generations of hitch hikers who could never get a ride. Ever. The driver is fiftyish, had a few more beers than was wise, headed for Santa Monica. Didn’t bother to ask how far I was going. Just helping out his fellow human being, my perfect target. A little ways along I reach into my back pack and pull out a boom box and hit the music. In a fanfare of trumpets a big booming voice announces: “CONGRATULATIONS! YOU HAVE PICKED UP THE LUCKY HITCH HIKER!” I heave an armload of confetti...

2014 - Israel, Jordan

Back in the Middle East – Israel and Jordan (English) Zurück im Nahen Osten – Israel und Jordanien (Deutsch) A trip to Israel and Jordan. First thought as a challenge but I returned with many nice impressions. First hitch-hiking trip with a friend.


“Courage” Courage, Plato said, is knowing what ought to scare you, and what ought not to. What Plato said reminds me of the time I was driving home from the JFK airport in a rainstorm so ferocious that one passed a succession of ghostly cars, disabled on the shoulder — heaps in the mist. “Lord,” I prayed, “please don’t let me be so scared that I can’t see the road!” Years later, I was spending an afternoon in Manhattan on the day all the lights went out. When the blackout started, it was still day. The buses went off duty, no cabs were in sight and I have a walking handicap. With difficulty, I dragged myself up the long blocks west to the Port Authority bus terminal, hoping to catch a bus to Pennsylvania, where I then...

搭便車,應該怎樣開始呢? hitchhiking tips

每一件事,聽別人說的經驗,總是很簡單、容易。每當要做的時候,往往是比想像中難。 俗語:”萬是起頭難” 其實搭便車不是很難,不過在第一次時,會有些不知所惜,不知如何,在那裡開始等

2. Everything is possible! - Holidays in Greece for 40 euros! - part 1

When I don’t have a lot of money and I can’t stay home doing nothing, I always end up having weird ideas! I had some free time and an old friend, whom I haven’t seen for two years, and one common plan: to travel to Greece! Somewhere, anywhere, maybe to Athens, we didn’t know exactly. We came up with the idea on Saturday and on Tuesday morning we started hitchhiking from Warsaw. The route was quite easy and we were lucky. We went to Cieszyn (Polish and Czech border) and after that across the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Serbia, Macedonia and then to Greece.  I heard that fortune favours the brave and we felt it right from the beggining. From the first border we went with one Turkish man in the same direction....


“Hey!” Huh? “You! In the black shirt!” Me? “Yeah, you! Smile! You

Road Trip to Milford Sound

Road trip! This past weekend I decided to take a trip to Milford Sound with some of the people in my flat complex. There were ten of us, so we ended up renting two cars. These cars are not the spacious, gas guzzling cars with the huge trunk and added leg space that are found easily in the United States. These were two tiny compact cars with about a two-foot deep trunk. When I first saw them and then took a look at all of the luggage that was laying splattered on the ground outside, I did not know how we were going to get both our bags AND us to fit inside the car. After careful planning and maneuvering (I always knew tetris would come in handy for something) we got everything to fit…barely. If we did not know each other well before, by the...