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About me

I have grown older while living in Connecticut. This is a process that seems to continue day after day, year after year. Yet I do not feel older. I feel like I did in my twenties. I don't think this is an uncommon experience. Ever notice how elderly ladies seem to sport old fashioned hairdos. It's not because they want to look old and out of style; quite the contrary, they want to look like they did when those hairstyles were in fashion.

My hair, is a compromise between how I used to wear it and how the young wear theirs. My father used to cut my hair. He did this till I was in high school. After that last free cut, I had to put my foot down.

I come from a family of eleven children. As the oldest son my father had great plans for me. So, I wanted to become something when I grew up. And that has happened, though what I have become is mysteriously somewhere between brilliant, enlightened success and the invisible man. I clean windows, as I have for the last 30 years, teach, professional organize, climb, hike, practice Zen, and, dare I say it, write.

Every writer I know wants to have an audience. So, you could say, I'm a writer in search of his audience. If I have found you, "Hi!" and welcome to my stories, here and at

Traveling experience

My hitchhiking took place in my twenties. I had many romantic notions and was quite adventurous despite being insecure. I hitched roundtrip from California to Michigan a few times. Hitched around California and, when I sold Dictionaries one summer while I was in college, to Nashville then all over Oklahoma.

Just as I only climb once a year and never go backpacking anymore, my hitchhiking has been relegated to the past, to the days before I had a family and had to get jobs to support them. Still, I meditate every day. Sometimes I feel just as I did when I was on one of my adventures. That sense of freedom and excitement and a stepping into the hallowed unknown.

One time in the 70s I was at Big Sur and camped under a water tower. When I climbed up on top, I found someone had scrawled 'Surtur Lives'. I had recently read A Voyage to Arcturus and thought, Was this a sign I was on my way?

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