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About me

I love life, meeting people, petting random animals and seeing beauty in the little things. I used to dress up for work, sit it an office from 9-5 and try to be professional. But alas, I couldn't stand the misery of this any longer. I am a professional English teacher (just got my certificate!), volunteer when I can and also work in high tech (database). My goal in life is to spend the greatest amount of my time doing things I enjoy, most of all I enjoy making the world a better place=) I have made a choice in my life that I will not take a job unless it's making the world a better place!

Traveling experience

Not as much as most people! I've HH'd in Holland, France, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Belgium and Germany. I've also HH'd extensively in Israel (my home), though now I have a car (a sweet 1992 VW!) and am now driving HHers. I take random people home from the bus station for a weekend with my family, host occasionally on CS and travel vicariously by meeting travelers.