About Random Roads

About Random Roads

Random Roads is a magazine about independent forms of traveling. We cover stories, photography and art about hitchhiking, sailing, hiking and cycling and yet undefined forms of independent traveling.

Community Driven

We are a community driven magazine and only volunteers are behind everything we do. Our server-space, the forthcoming print-editions and other costs are covered by donations. The current volunteers are here to set up the basis for a hopefully long-lasting community-based magazine. Ideas that you have for a next printed issue or your involvement in any other way, are very welcome.

Submit Your Work

Random Roads features many travel-stories but mostly about hitchhiking and nomadic lifestyles. We would like to encourage you very much to submit your work. Think here in terms of a story, of a poem, a postcard or even a photo-story. Many things are possible here, even when you would like your story to be presented in a way that we are not yet used to.

Interested in submitting your work? Create an account or contact us for any questions by e-mail or head over to the forum for public discussions or questions.

Hitchhiking Magazine

Stick up your thumb, go from one place to another. Feel the road, hear the cars, find your drivers. In your hands a sign, in your bag your towel, food, clothes and... this magazine!

A Printed Magazine

We are a printed magazine, one that travels from one person to another, one that travelers can give to their drivers or other people they meet on the road. As such, our magazine is a great way to create further bonding between hitchhikers, and to have something we can give away that is representable for our culture.

Basic Idea

Random Roads covers all forms of traveling that are part of our "nomadic culture", a culture of people who leave behind their "fixed home" and are set for a nomadic journey which - as many nomads out there believe - can bring them further than anything else at that moment in their lives. They often travel by hitchhiking and most of the time are want to interact with people they meet.


The idea for Random Roads was born after a gathering of traveling hitchhikers in Paris, on the 8th of August 2008 (888) when more than 150 hitchhikers gathered to celebrate the act of hitchhiking. We became more aware of the community we are.

Your Role

Random Roads need writers, artists and photographers to publish their work. We also need (experienced) editors and proofreaders who are able to change style and grammar into good English if needed and who see what an article is missing to be really good. We also need more designers and artists, to improve our website and our magazine. Do you see what your role could be to make this common project better?

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