High Endeavors

High Endeavors- The Extraordinary Life of Miles and Beryl Smeeton

Miles and Beryl Smeeton were perhaps the most adventurous couple of the 20th century.

Norton's Ghost

His world thrown into doubt with the death of his father, Kyle Dearmond takes to hitchhiking, where he finds meaning, friends, and a new direction despite the chaos of the wandering road.

Hand to Mouth to India

Tom wrote Hand to Mouth to India in 1997/8 at the age of 20. It tells of the journey he made hitchhiking from England to India with no money.

Off The Map

A punk rock vision quest told in the tradition of the anarchist travel story, Off the Map is narrated by two young women as they discard their maps, fears, and anything resembling a plan, and set off on the winds of the world.

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