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Are You A Designer?

Do you like to make art? Do you have drawings or icons that can make this website look much better? Do you have images that would go well with how the website currently looks like? Or maybe you have other ideas for graphical improvement? Or you are a first class css developer even. Share your ideas with us! Anything is possible, really.

Become an Editor

After articles are proof-read they need to be selected and approved for publication. This is the role of the editor. Do you have feeling for what work is good for print? Do you know how to select, or you want to learn? Editors can also have the role of moderators, administrating anything that has no place here for example.


Every story that gets submitted will show up straight on the website. But for the print-version, we would like to keep a high standard. We are therefore looking for people with experience in proof-reading who not only know how to check grammar and style, but also know how (up to a certain extent) know how to re-structure an article to make it easy and also exciting to read.

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