Get Ready For A Pre-Release!

Random Roads Magazine is an online magazine but - maybe even more important - will have a printed edition also, which hopefully will end up hitchhiking across many countries and places. With so much great content that we now have - and that with very little promotion(!) - we are finally ready to make the printed edition happen!

At this moment Mark is working on a pre-release for Random Roads of 16 pages that we hope to offer to you very soon. With that pre-release we will also be better able to get the funds together to print the first issue (more about this later).

While working on making this pre-release ready, some changes and more features have been added on the website also. One of the nicest is an author info-block on the top-right of each separate article and postcard entry. The block gives you the profile photo, travel-experience and bio of the author.

This information will also be used in the printed edition, so if you haven't updated your "about section" yet, head over to your profile and make some changes!