Trains and Snow

December 14th. I spent the day today on the train, another stupid decision that weighs on my morals and will further reduce the time I spend with the people I love.

Slower Than a Caveman Rolling Down a Hill

“I will ride my bicycle around the World.” With an audible power, these words drew a fantasy into the realm of possibility.

People wanted estimates, people wanted answers. “What's your plan?” they asked.
“Plan? What plan? I told you – I will ride my bike around the world. That's the only plan.”

The Miserable Hitcher

You have to be dead broke, or a romantic, to persevere.

Neige et train

14 decembre

J’ai passer la journée d’aujourd’hui dans le train, encore une décision stupide qui pese sur mon morale et va réduire encore plus le temps que je vais passer avec les gens que j’aime.

Am I Brave Enough?

My thumb was up but my knees were shaking in anticipation of what could possibly happen. It was exciting, like a first date with a girl who I admired for a long time. Today was my first time long distance hitchhiking.

Green Tunnel, Delirium and Recovery

It's my third day in the green tunnel and I'm exhausted, I see a big wall of entangled vegetation in front of me. I have no clock and mist has been hiding the sun since I've started walking but birds tell me the night will fall soon, so I decide to set up my tent.

Ten Different Captains

In 1989/90 I sailed across the Pacific Ocean from Los Angeles to Sydney. Hitching on sailboats is easier than it sounds. I took 10 different boats, mostly on the west coast of the Americas.

Will Ferguson Updated: Winter Hitching in Japan

A ridiculously inexpensive flight from Milan to Tokyo and back, my backpack, a fluent-Japanese-speaking girlfriend wwoofing on a tropical island in southern Japan who is waiting for you (while Europe is buried in snow), and a copy of Will Ferguson's book "Hitching Rides with Buddha" [1].

On The Way to Odessa: The Road Is Life

The road caught us, flexible and free like a cat. Its yellow, silently smiling eyes followed us. Sooner than I realized, we were guided by the flow of the events.

The Importance of Border Stamps

Still filled with happiness in our hearts from the last ride, we walk up to the Ukrainian border guard. Hmmm, we could have known better. We give him our passports and as he flicks through them he says: "Where is your arrival stamp for the Ukraine?"

"We didn't get one", I answered.
"Impossible", was his simple reply.


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