Trains and Snow

December 14th. I spent the day today on the train, another stupid decision that weighs on my morals and will further reduce the time I spend with the people I love.

Slower Than a Caveman Rolling Down a Hill

“I will ride my bicycle around the World.” With an audible power, these words drew a fantasy into the realm of possibility.

People wanted estimates, people wanted answers. “What's your plan?” they asked.
“Plan? What plan? I told you – I will ride my bike around the world. That's the only plan.”

The Miserable Hitcher

You have to be dead broke, or a romantic, to persevere.

Neige et train

14 decembre

J’ai passer la journée d’aujourd’hui dans le train, encore une décision stupide qui pese sur mon morale et va réduire encore plus le temps que je vais passer avec les gens que j’aime.

Will Ferguson Updated: Winter Hitching in Japan

A ridiculously inexpensive flight from Milan to Tokyo and back, my backpack, a fluent-Japanese-speaking girlfriend wwoofing on a tropical island in southern Japan who is waiting for you (while Europe is buried in snow), and a copy of Will Ferguson's book "Hitching Rides with Buddha" [1].

On The Way to Odessa: The Road Is Life

The road caught us, flexible and free like a cat. Its yellow, silently smiling eyes followed us. Sooner than I realized, we were guided by the flow of the events.

A Train of Thoughts: Catching Up on Letting Go

I left Haydarpaşa a few hours ago and have been very sleepy during the first few hours of the ride. Waking up every now and then from my snooze, I would see large quays, harbour areas in the middle of nowhere and huge oil transformation complexes.

Butterflies Invading Rabbit Holes

I found him on a bar stall in Virginia, hanging from a noose strung from the moon, chattering obscurities, drunk as a skunk. His eyes were full of the mountain snow that reached up above us, even now, at the end of may. They licked down every woman in the room.

Random Acts of Trust

The sun was going down somewhere behind the rain clouds and we weren't even halfway to our destination. After a series of rides off the beaten path from Amsterdam to Northern Germany, my partner and I ended up in a "not-so-good" place, where nobody seemed to be going anywhere that was even remotely relevant to us.

Summer Solstice Above the Arctic Circle

I was on a mission - I wanted to see the midnight sun as far North as I could make it during its solstice, when the position of the sun reaches its northernmost extreme in the sky


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