Masaro, Hitchhiker From Japan

From Japan, I found Masaro at a petrol station in Paris. I think it is wonderful how he holds his sign. I met him first in Paris at the 888 hitchhikers gathering. He was in Paris and didn't know about the meeting at first. He came every day with his bicycle. Masaro can be found hitching in almost every country in Europe.

Under an Umbrella in Paris

Hitchhikers don't have to be hardcore travelers. Anyone with the right mind-set can do it. In Paris in August 2008 a gathering of hitchhikers attracted more than 150 persons, of which some were totally new to the act while again others had years and years of experience. Here, on the one hand we have Reese who traveled for years and years, always hitching. And then there is Zoe from South-Africa who took her first shot to arrive at the gathering, traveling with a suit-case.

Not Knowing What Would Happen Next

I travel without a plan to go home. I have no exit plan, just a one-way ticket. I have my guitar, a harmonica and I make jewelery.

Zoë's First Time Hitchhiking

The first time hitchhiking is something that’s always special. It can be a bit scary sometimes, as you don't really know what to expect. You feel your nerves, and you have no clue if it will work.

How did that go with Zoë, whose first hitchhiking trip was 888 (8th of August 2008), the first European Hitchhiking day - when on the same day 150 people were hitching to Paris?

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